Thursday, March 26, 2015

Teacher Blogs

Blogs are free, easy to use resources with great potential for instruction and for PD and Support.

1) General Theme of Teacher Blogs: 

2) Tech Teacher Blogs

Top 50 School Technology Blogs

A Day in the Life of an Elementary Computer Teacher/ Technology Integration Specialist


3) Teacher "VENTING: blogs: Blogging can be a great tool for teachers to use for a variety of purposes (e.g. class blogs to 'host' and organize student projects, class blogs as a way to 'publish' student work, teacher blogs to inform parents about class happenings and requirments, etc.) However, a very interesting phenomena appeared after blogging  became common among the general populace; teachers started blogs to vent. Below are some examples (many others to be found on the web) - Professor Gura does not endorse any particular example of these blogs or their posts, however suggests that there are aspects of this that can be tapped for Professional Development and Support, including for Technology Use in the schools. These blogs represent a fascinating window into the realities, attitudes, and culture of teaching.

- Diary of a Public School Teacher (scroll down to #6! :(

- A 21st Century Cynic~ Rants of a Frustrated Teacher 

- Mr. Teachbad's Blog of Teacher Disgruntlement

- Chaz's School Daze
I have survived the Bloomberg pogrom. However, our union is allowing the DOE a second chance to punish me.
Fallout? See: "How One Teacher's Angry Blog Sparked a Viral Classroom Debate",8599,2052123,00.html

Also See: What Teachers Reveal When They Blog

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