Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Is the Tide Turning on Our Testing Culture?

One student this semester  asked me "Does anything ever change in Education?" The answer is "Yes!" Although it may seem to take forever, important changes do come. In fact, I (fondly) remember a time before the current culture of testing took hold. Could it be that an important change is in the offing now?

Under a banner titled "AFT - Reclaiming the Promise" I received the following email this morning. Please read the text and WATCH THE VIDEO.

"Thank You, John Oliver

The test-and-punish model simply hasn't helped our schools. Unfortunately, too few in the media and government are willing to honestly look at the problem that this system has created.
On May 3, comedian John Oliver took on the tests on his show. Watch the segment, and sign our Thank You to John Oliver to let him know we appreciate his work!

Thank you, John Oliver, for your taking on the test-fixation that's taking the joy of teaching and learning from our schools..."
NOTE: The email I received  from the  AFT includes a request for a signature. I won't include that in this post which is intended solely to inform.
Also see the following item from today's NY Times: The Big Problem With the New SAT

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