Saturday, July 11, 2015

What Makes for Effective Teacher Professional Development?

Insightful piece from Forbes... read the full article at its source...

"The Eight Components Of Great Professional Development"

"Professional development is vital in any occupation, and nowhere more so than in teaching. But all too often it gets neglected or is more of a box-ticking exercise than any meaningful training.
But a new review has set out the eight core components that go into making continuing professional development (CPD) great – and their relevance goes way beyond teaching to provide a blueprint for training everywhere.

For many teachers, once they have completed their initial training, there is little or nothing by way of CPD. It is rarely compulsory, and what is available is often too limited to be of much use.
Some teachers can spend their entire careers without ever having updated their subject knowledge or adapted their teaching styles.

It was recognition of the effect of this gap that led to the creation of the Teacher Development Trust, a charity focused on raising awareness of the importance of professional development.

And this week, the trust published a report into what makes good CPD for teachers. Drawing on the results of studies conducted around the world, it sets out some of the principles that underpin effective development.

“We know that powerful professional development ultimately helps children succeed and teachers thrive,” David Weston, the trust’s chief executive, told an invited audience at the report’s launch at the House of Commons. “It is incredibly important that we respect our teachers and give them the development that our young people need.”

According to Steve Higgins, professor of education at Durham University and one of the report’s authors, the review of research aimed to fill a gap in our knowledge about teacher learning..."


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