Thursday, June 11, 2015

Fun Learning Apps

Nice review of fun learning APPS from T.H.E.  Journal...

"8 Absorbing Apps and Websites for Informal Learning

Grades: 8–12
Price: Free
Concepts: Following directions, brainstorming, innovation, making new creations, part-whole relationships
Instructables is a slick DIY app and how-to Website full of cool projects and contests for older teens. Projects range from making a giant sun jar to baking maple-bacon-cheddar-garlic biscuits to building a homemade arc welder. Contest topics include jewelry, puppets and bikes, and registered users can vote for their favorite topics. Attempting an "instructable" means applying information, testing meaning with real-world objects, making inferences about part-whole relationships and thinking critically. Projects are well-described and empower kids to be successful in their own attempts, building confidence for them to keep improving and learning as they engage in fun, thinking-outside-the-box projects. Read the full Graphite review.

AnselAnsel and Clair's Adventures in Africa
Grades: K–3
Price: $4.99
Concepts: Animals, ecosystems, cultural understanding, geography
Ansel & Clair's Adventures in Africa is a geography and culture app that introduces kids to the three major regions of Africa: the Nile, the Sahara Desert and the Serengeti. Kids help Ansel (an alien) and Clair (a robot) gather their lost spaceship parts scattered over Africa. They tap interactive objects, listen to the explainers, play learning games and add photos to the in-app journal along the way. By being in charge of their own learning, kids become deeply engaged with the content. The app is an information-packed, beautifully crafted tool that introduces students to the vast continent of Africa, including its habitats, animals and cultures. Read the full Graphite review..."

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