Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The School-based Instructional Technologist as Peer Coach

The ad below appeared in my email In-Box this morning. I think it very much frames the context I am trying to establish with my Ed-Tech Masters students... Being a school technologist involves so much more than devices and networks and showing staff how to navigate an LMS. As Learning, Knowing, Thinking, and Communicating change and grow as a result of the emergence and refinement of technologies that we humans develop for that very purpose, clearly Education must change and grow to reflect those changes... or become increasingly irrelevant at a dizzying speed!

The items below represent a powerful snapshot of that understanding and a thin, but flavorful slice of a viable response to it. At the very least I recommend that you skim through this stuff for a couple of minutes and at least get an impression of where we are headed...

Support the growth of every teacher
In Peer Coaching to Enrich Professional Practice, School Culture, and Student Learning, Pam Robbins explains how educators can more effectively work together to enhance teaching practices in a way that improves student performance. Learn how to create an effective peer coaching program or refine and strengthen your existing one. Robbins draws on her many years of experience in a wide variety of schools to share surefire ways to
  • Develop a collaborative, learning-focused culture that builds trust among colleagues.
  • Enrich professional learning experiences and enhance the growth of every teacher.
  • Navigate your way through difficult conversations to help ensure powerful and useful feedback that yields the desired results.
>> See the table of contents and read free excerpts.
Peer Coaching includes tried-and-true advice, coaching tools, scenarios, process guidelines, and reflection questions that make it easier to transfer these ideas into any school setting.

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